Customer Success Stories

Ossid values building relationships with our customers and working to provide the best solutions for their applications. Our customers are our partners; we’re in this together. Your success is a direct reflection on us; we’re here to help you, to watch you grow and we want to be part of that process.

Ossid helps customers from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Fresh agricultural produce
  • Pre-packaged meals

Watch how Ossid helps customers with specific production line requirements by browsing these videos and contacting us to learn more.

The ReeEco automatic tray sealer is doing its part to help make Torn Apron into a successful startup.

The presentation of produce with grocers is a critical component to Virginia Produce Company’s success; Ossid’s 500Si has been the perfect solution as it presents their products.

Ossid recommended its 500Si High Speed Stretch Overwrapper to Virginia Produce as a way to not only achieve its higher production goals, but presents their products – such as corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and other produce – in packaging designed to help keep food fresh, safe, and ready to be sold.

“We received the T45 three weeks after our first call with Ossid. It was amazing how quickly everyone jumped in with all hands-on deck."

Since its chicken products are high-end, the presentation and packaging needed to match. Hudson Valley's customer was looking to present the product visually from both the front and back.

Since that initial purchase of three machines nearly 20 years ago, Guillaume has cultivated a close working relationship with Miller Poultry. Today, the company uses a mix of 12 Ossid 500E and NextGen 500E Leak Resistant End-Seal Overwrappers to securely package chicken for sale throughout the Upper Midwest.

“Since going with Reepack we’ve basically doubled our production by one machine,” Knutzen said. “We have no complaints on the mechanical side; customer service has been top notch.

The benefits of the new equipment have already become apparent. Dr. Morey notes that offering packaging equipment has filled a void in the program to teach students about the poultry industry beyond the birds themselves.