Flow Wrapping Equipment

Reepack’s Flow Wrap machines are easy to operate, clean, and maintain. With four flow wrapping equipment styles to choose from, we have the flow wrapping solution to fit your product. Choose from rotary motion, box motion, long-dwell, or 4-side sealing. Our line of flow wrap packaging machines are ideal for many industries, including bakery, medical products, produce, proteins, and more.

Ossid is proud to be the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand, providing all sales and support including parts, service, and training.

The Reepack ReeFlow 50 & 100 machines are simple, hygienic and flexible.

The ReeFlow 200 Long Dwell Flow Wrapper is ideal for pillow packaging in MAP at medium - high output level.

The ReeFlow 300 Flow Wrapper is capable of packaging large and heavy products in pillow bag, flow bag, shrink and MAP.

The Reepack ReeFlow 4S presents a unique way to package sliced portion of products (deli meats and cheeses).