Belted Vacuum Chamber NEW

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The BT Automatic Belt Conveyor Vacuum Chamber is available in two sizes, BT 1000 and BT 1350. Both models provide two sealing groups placed on the long ends which are independently usable. The BT Vacuum Chamber features pneumatic moving guides at the infeed. The Pneumatic movement of the chamber includes a safety hydraulic brake. Automatic vacuum packaging machines are designed to meet the highest level of preservation in shrinkable, multilayer and aluminum flexible pouches.

Vacuum packaging is ideal for many food industries including, but not limited to sausage, ham, bacon, poultry, fish, cheese, pasta, and other specialty foods.

  • Ribbed conveyor belt
  • Pneumatic scrap cutter
  • Scrap cutter with serrated blade
  • Roots vacuum unit
  • Bag holding device inside chamber
  • Higher useful chamber