Winner, Winner, Packaging Your Chicken Dinner (Ossid NextGen 500E at Miller Poultry)

The packaging solutions provided by Ossid address the needs of a high-demand poultry processor while also embracing the strengths of long-time employees. The 11 500E overwrappers at Miller Poultry each run about 45-50 trays per minute. Fresh chicken is hand placed in a No. 3 tray, 8 tray, 11 tray or 15 tray sizes before going through a 500E that has been engineered to efficiently handle different tray dimensions.

Diehl explains that a primary concern with wrapping chicken is package integrity. Abnormal product shape and unforgiving plastic trays can lead to leaks that turn away customers and potentially ruin product.

“The old machines we used before were PVC film that was just wrapped around the tray, then folded it under the tray before sending it through a heat belt,” Diehl says. “They weren’t fully welded, so you ended up with leakers.”

That’s not an issue with the 500E, which is designed to produce tightly wrapped, end-sealed, case-ready packages for chicken, fish and other protein products.

“It’s a heat shrink film that welds the seams together, so you have a really tight thin seal along the bottom and end sides of the tray, which seals it shut and gives it almost leakproof packaging,” Guillaume said. “The purge of moisture is held within the package instead of leaking through the flange of the tuck and fold.”

Ossid’s unique approach to heat shrinking also includes measures to preserve the preprinted image on the film.

“We’re very happy with Ossid and how the 500E has performed for us through the years,” Diehl said. “Ossid provides us with machines that produce a solid seal on a package that doesn’t leak. That’s how they are helping us be successful with the high-quality packages for retail.”

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