Ossid is committed to providing quality solutions for a wide range of industries. Browse through our library of videos showcasing our broad range of packaging solutions to see these machines in action and learn more about the unique features on each system. Find the machine that best fits your production room requirements and how Ossid can help you integrate your machine into your existing line.

Ossid specializes in providing:

  • Tray overwrapping
  • Flow wrapping
  • Weigh price labeling
  • Case scales
  • Horizontal thermoform seal systems

Watch the Ossid machines in action to learn more about each system and how it can be incorporated into your production line.

Who is Ossid? Learn about Ossid's packaging and labeling solutions.

Ossid values building relationships with our customers and working to provide the best solutions for their applications.

Explore Ossid's Reepack Flow Wrapping Machines: Rotary Motion, Box Motion, Long-Dwell Motion, 4-Side Seal, ideal for packaging fresh produce, bakery items, sandwiches, school kits, large cuts of fresh protein, medical devices, and more!

Ossid is proud to offer Reepack's extensive line of tray sealing and vacuum skin packaging equipment to the North American market.

Ossid offers two styles of tray overwrapping solutions: End-Seal and Tuck-and-Fold

Form fill seal machines produce a variety of package types for the customization of your products.

Ossid's Weigh Price Labeling (WPL) solutions are flexible, accurate, and simple. We offer semi-automatic, fully automatic, and v-belt models ensuring we have the labeling machine to meet your needs.

Ossid's Product Demonstrations from the Pack Expo Connects 2020 Virtual Trade Show

Meet the faces behind Ossid and discover the passion, expertise, and commitment that drive us forward.