Tray Sealing/Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) Equipment

Ossid is the North American leader in tray packaging equipment for case-ready products. Our line of tray sealing packaging machines are perfect for a variety of case-ready packaging needs.

Whether you are in need of a small run testing prior to new product launch, or you routinely produce packaging as part of a large scale processing operation, there are tray sealer machines available that will specifically fit your needs. Ossid tray sealers are designed for your growing market offering a robust, affordable solution for your tray sealing and vacuum skin pack applications.

The ReeTray 30 is a semi-automatic tray sealing machine designed to meet the production needs of small to medium size processors.

The standard infeed conveyor allowing for up to 3 loading positions, easy tooling changeover, and a user-friendly control panel gives this model a high level of functionality.

The ReeMatic tray sealer series has a multi-lane tray loading conveyor that is customizable based on which Series (150 or 250) fits best.

​The ReeMaster Series is a fully automatic tray sealer system designed to meet the production needs of medium to high size processors.

The ReeForm Series is a thermoforming packaging machine offering a wide range of machines to meet customer individual requirements.