Case Scales

Ossid offers in-motion case scales for any type of facility - from distribution centers to medical device to poultry processors and more. Our case scales run up to 45 cases per minute and offer an optional case labeling system. Suitable for cases up to 29.5" long by 27.5" wide.

Serving a variety of industries, the case scales from Ossid are designed for weighing products in a effective manner. Our in-motion, industrial case scales are capable of weighing cases up to 29.5 inches in length and up to 120 pounds. When productivity and speed are crucial for your production room, the case scales are the perfect solution.

These versatile machines run a variety of case sizes with an optional case labeling system. Features include the 15-inch color touch screen housed in a stainless steel enclosure, a PC Hybrid control system, and much more. Find precision in each application. The case scales are designed to severe in severe wash down environments.

Ossid In-Motion Case Scales handle packages up to 120 lbs.