Vacuum Chamber Packaging Equipment

Reepack's line of vacuum chamber packaging machines feature stainless steel construction and an operator friendly set-up. These machines are capable of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Whether you are in need of a small run testing prior to new product launch, or you routinely produce packaging as part of a large-scale processing operation, there are vacuum chamber machines available that will specifically fit your needs.

Models available:

  • Single Chamber Tabletop Vacuum Chamber Machine
  • Single Chamber Mobile Stand Vacuum Chamber Machine
  • Double Chamber Vacuum Chamber Machine
  • Automatic Belted Vacuum Chamber Machine

Vacuum packaging is ideal for many food industries including, but not limited to sausage, ham, bacon, poultry, fish, cheese, pasta, and other specialty foods.

Ossid is the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand.

Learn more about the vacuum chamber packaging machines by contacting us today with any inquiries or concerns.

Single chamber tabletop models are easy to operate, clean, and maintain. Ideal solution for quick and easy packaging of small to medium sized solutions.

Ideal packaging solution for medium – large sized products. Single chamber mobile stand models are easy to operate, clean, and maintain.

Twister double vacuum chamber suitable for medium and large batches with high performance.

Automatic Vacuum Packaging suitable for large batches with high performance.