Ossid’s NextGen 2115 Weigh Price Labeler Helps to Boost Perdue Pork’s Efficiency.

From label creation to application on the package, Ossid’s Weigh Price Labeler has been a great benefit to Perdue Premium Meat Company. Streamlining packaging, reducing downtime, and maximizing productivity, see how Ossid was able to help Perdue drive success in the meat industry.

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Video Transcription

Packaging a premium product at scale is enhanced by a weight price labeling system. That’s complementary in speed, accuracy, and appearance. These are just some of the reasons why Perdue Premium Meat Company selected the next gen 2115 Weight Price Labelers from Ossid. For its pork packaging lines and its Sioux Center Iowa facility. Perdue Premium Meat Company is a full-service facility that produces a variety of pork products in Iowa. The company is an industry leader, offering all natural, no antibiotics, pasture raised pork. Praised by independent family farmers across the US. In 2020 the company completed a 29-million-dollar expansion of its Sioux Center facility, that added more than 50,000 square feet, which included automating several areas of its packaging operations, to improve working conditions and maximizing the skills of the employees.

“So the automations that we’ve brought in, and that we’ve tried to utilize in house is what job can we take, especially a repetitive job, putting packages into a box, applying a label to something. Were not looking to eliminate associates, we want to take highly skilled associates and put them in a job where their talents can shine and then together, we can streamline the process.”

As part of its automation push, Perdue Premium Meats upgraded its labeling system, on its growing case ready business, with the next gen 2115 Weight Price Labeler from Ossid. The next gen WPL machine weighs a package, prints a label with the weight and associated price, then applies it to the package. There’s an option to print top and or bottom labels as well. These often include barcodes that connect with the customers enterprise resource planning systems, to tap into their skews.

“What these labelers allow us to do, is we do all of that in line, we do not have associates handling each package to apply the top label, to apply the bottom label. The Ossid labeler will put the top label on, it will print on the back label, and then apply that to the package.”

The next gen 2115 weight priced labeler can reach speeds up to 150 packagers per minute. Utilizing the whizzy wig label design, the Weight Price Labeler has an interface that allows the end user to preview a projected model of the label while it is being created. Furthermore, the machine is modular in design, allowing for short lead and delivery time, and is national type evaluation program approved. Ossids Weight Price Labelers can handle trade, shrink, and thermoform packagers. Perdue premium meat also used thermoform saddle sack style for some products that require two labels to be applied to both sides of the package. A challenging application, easily performed by Ossids wight priced labeling machines. A key element to successfully matching up the right labeling system for Perdue Premium Meats is establishing communication RIGHT from the start.

“We approach our projects from a point of honesty and open communication, so we sit down we listen to the current struggles, and where you want to go, and we work together to partner to get to that point.”

“The relationship to Ossid both ways is definitely one of open communication, their team has been fantastic to work with and I see nothing from what they have shown to us that is going to change going forward.”

Its certainly not the status quo anymore at perdue premium meats, the addition of two next gen 2115 WPL which operate one shift a day, 5 days a week have brough higher speeds and newfound efficiency to Perdue Premium Meats and the line packaging operation.

“You don’t really think about it in the moment, 3 minutes of downtime here, 5 minutes of stoppage there, you’re thinking oh its 3 minutes its 5 minutes, but when you’re able to keep the process moving, anything you can do to eliminate a stop at the end of the day is more pounds out the door.”