Sustainable Packaging

Ossid’s packaging machinery can help lessen your packaging material waste, while also reducing your carbon footprint. The claim of sustainability in the packaging industry relates not just to the combination of sustainable materials used to create the end package, but also the energy-efficiency of the machine itself. Both Ossid and Reepack focus on manufacturing machines with a small footprint to help save customers space on their facility floors, resulting in smaller processing facilities, which ultimately require less energy to heat, cool, etc. In addition, our equipment can easily run recyclable and compostable films and trays, adding to the full sustainable impact of owning Ossid packaging equipment.

Ossid has experience running a wide variety of materials across our packaging equipment product lines. We do our best to stay up-to-date and at the forefront of packaging material developments that are recyclable or compostable in nature. Our team is constantly testing and qualifying new materials. We work closely with suppliers to improve their products for optimal performance on our equipment.

Overwrap Collage1
Recyclable Film + Compostable Tray = Sustainable Overwrap Packaging

500Si Stretch Overwrapper

The Ossid 500Si can aid in your journey to sustainability. This energy-efficient overwrapper can produce case-ready sustainable packages. The 500Si can run compostable trays and recyclable PE film for a fully sustainable package solution. This package is ideal for produce, sausage, pork, and steak.

Vacuum Skin on Board Packaging

Reepack Tray Sealers

The Reepack ReeTray 30, ReeEco, and ReeMatic Series are capable of producing vacuum skin on board packages. VSP on board packaging uses 70-80% less plastic than a standard #3 tray. This package style is ideal for fresh proteins, seafood, cheese and more.