Ossid and Reepack Help Bring a 360° Clear View Package to Hudson Valley Chicken Products

The process of Hudson Valley selecting the ReeForm T55 as their new thermoformer didn’t exactly happen overnight. More accurately, it’s been nine years in the making.

Since its chicken products are high-end, the presentation and packaging needed to match. Their customer was looking to present the product visually from both the front and back. The solution Tony Kaufman, Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Ossid, recommended was a package with a semi-rigid translucent bottom with a vacuum skin top to seal over the chicken.

Bringing this solution to reality was the ReeForm T55 Thermoformer from Reepack. The T55 is a high-performance machine that’s engineered to be flexible to accommodate a wide variety of food packaging options.

Ossid is the North American master distributor of Reepack.

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