Ossid / Reepack Help Setup Bornstein Seafoods for Long-Term Vacuum Skin Packaging Success

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As consumer preferences toward more healthy options continues to rise, the seafood industry is embracing vacuum skin package (VSP) as a preferred style to better present products such as salmon, cod, tilapia, and halibut with retailers. VSP creates an attractive method to package fish as it drapes a thin layer of plastic film over the product, providing consumers a clear view of the product in their hands.

Bornstein Seafoods is a believer in vacuum skin packaging as well. The Bellingham, Washington-based company was seeing new business opportunities for vacuum skin packaging its products within its retail and direct-to-consumer markets. The only problem was its two existing VSP machines had reached their capacity; the company was turning away business.

“The ReeForm T55 is a game-changer for Bornstein because it gives them great flexibility to be able to run three different styles of packages on the same machine and do so very efficiently,” said Brian Guillaume, Regional Sales Manager, Ossid. “This is something their other two machines cannot do.

“Since going with Reepack we’ve basically doubled our production by one machine,” Knutzen said. “We have no complaints on the mechanical side; customer service has been top notch.