Prompt Attention From Ossid Helps Cucina Fresca Get its Packaging Back on Schedule

Learn more about the Reepack ReeForm T45 Thermoformer from Ossid.

There may be nothing more maddening than not being able to reliably package and ship products because a machine is constantly down for maintenance. Cucina Fresca is a Seattle-based gourmet foods manufacturer that’s been serving tasty Italian dishes to the Pacific Northwest and beyond for more than 30 years. The company began as a small mom-and-pop shop, but steadily grew as its popularity took hold.

“We received the T45 three weeks after our first call with Ossid. It was amazing how quickly everyone jumped in with all hands-on deck, because it was pretty crucial that we get a new machine,” said Clingman, President of Cucina Fresca. “They seemed to move heaven and earth to get the deal done and get it out here.”