Long Dwell Flow Wrapper Series

Reepack’s Flow Wrap machines are easy to operate, clean, and maintain. This machine is powered with 6 independent motors, which are synchronized electronically. The long dwell cross sealing station produces high quality airtight seals. The sealing head is equipped with an independent motor that provides high flexibility, optimizing the cycle time and enabling smaller, more accurate package lengths. The stainless steel construction, cantilevered frame, and high degree of moisture protection make sanitation and maintenance a breeze.

Ossid is proud to be the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand, providing all sales and support including parts, service, and training.

Long Dwell Flow Wrapper Models:

  • ReeFlow 200 B (Bottom Seal)
  • ReeFlow 200 T (Top Seal)
  • ReeFlow 200 BW (Bottom Seal - Wide)
  • ReeFlow 200 TW (Top Seal - Wide)