Reepack ReeForm Series Thermoformers

The ReeForm Series are thermoforming packaging machines that offer a wide range of machine options to meet customers' individual requirements. Series include machines from entry-level, flexible film only, and compact models up to high performance customizable machines capable of forming flexible and rigid films, a range of film widths, forming depths and cut-off lengths.

Ossid, the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand provides all sales and support including parts, service, and training.

The Reepack ReeForm Series includes machines from entry-level to flexible and compact models up to high performance machines processing flexible and rigid film, with different thickness for several film widths, forming depth and cut-off lengths.

“We received the T45 three weeks after our first call with Ossid. It was amazing how quickly everyone jumped in with all hands-on deck."

Since its chicken products are high-end, the presentation and packaging needed to match. Hudson Valley's customer was looking to present the product visually from both the front and back.

Clear Semi-rigid Thermoform Packaging for Salmon, Cod, and Trout Fillets on the Reepack ReeForm E40.