Reepack ReeForm Series Thermoformers

The ReeForm Series are thermoforming packaging machines that offer a wide range of machine options to meet customers' individual requirements. Series include machines from entry-level, flexible film only, and compact models up to high performance customizable machines capable of forming flexible and rigid films, a range of film widths, forming depths and cut-off lengths.

Ossid, the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand provides all sales and support including parts, service, and training.

The Reepack ReeForm Series includes machines from entry-level to flexible and compact models up to high performance machines processing flexible and rigid film, with different thickness for several film widths, forming depth and cut-off lengths.

“We received the T45 three weeks after our first call with Ossid. It was amazing how quickly everyone jumped in with all hands-on deck."

Since its chicken products are high-end, the presentation and packaging needed to match. Hudson Valley's customer was looking to present the product visually from both the front and back.

Clear Semi-rigid Thermoform Packaging for Salmon, Cod, and Trout Fillets on the Reepack ReeForm E40.

Tony Kaufman, Ossid's Northeast Regional Sales Manager, walks through the ReeForm thermoformer, demonstrating its ease of use and application flexibility.

“Since going with Reepack we’ve basically doubled our production by one machine,” Knutzen said. “We have no complaints on the mechanical side; customer service has been top notch.

The benefits of the new equipment have already become apparent. Dr. Morey notes that offering packaging equipment has filled a void in the program to teach students about the poultry industry beyond the birds themselves.

Introducing the ReeForm T55 customizable thermoform fill seal packaging machine showcasing its saddlepack capabilities for protein products.