Reepack ReeForm Thermoformer Machine Overview

Get more information about the ReeForm Series Thermoforming Packaging Machine.

Tony Kaufman, Ossid's Northeast Regional Sales Manager, walks through the ReeForm thermoformer, demonstrating its ease of use and application flexibility.

These machine frames and sheeting are all stainless steel for easy sanitation in wash down environments. The easy open frame allows access to check, adjust, and repair all parts of the machine with ease. You’ll find that our ReeForm solutions can minimize your headaches and downtime while maximizing your productivity and output.

Ossid is the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand.

The ReeForm E10 is a horizontal thermoform machine that packages steak, cheese, medical supplies, and more. This machine is a vacuum package machine capable of ambient packaging, vacuum packaging, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), and VSP (vacuum skin packaging).

This machine is very simple to operate. It provides high throughput, delivers a nice package, and comes with the backing of Ossid's service support team, which will always be there for them.

Reepack is a company out of Italy, and Ossid is their master distributor here in the U.S. They offer a full line of thermoforming equipment, tray sealing equipment, flow wrapping, and vacuum chamber machines. If you need packaging, please come look at Ossid. If you're looking for something particular, we can definitely help you out.