Form Fill Seal Machines

Ossid's medical horizontal form fill seal machines are American made and can produce a variety of package types including Flexible Packaging, Foil-Foil Packaging, Ambient Packaging, Vacuum Packaging, Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP), Recloseable Packaging and more.

We've partnered with Reepack, an Italian-based OEM, to bring their ReeForm Series of thermoformers to North America as a master distributor. The ReeForm Series range in machine size, packaging capabilities and output levels.

We're sure to have the solution for your food and medical products.

The Reepack ReeForm Series includes machines from entry-level to flexible and compact models up to high performance machines processing flexible and rigid film, with different thickness for several film widths, forming depth and cut-off lengths.

The 8000M thermoform fill seal packaging machine is versatile with ability to create 8 different types of packaging.

The 8000S thermo form fill seal packaging machine is ideal for medium to high production output rates up to 20 cycles per minute.

Our robust medical thermoform machine construction and production proven technology ensure a repeatable process necessary for validation and a highly reliable packaging process.

Ossid’s Medical thermoform fill seal packaging machine allows you to eliminate preformed trays and form raised return flange seal packages that provide optimal seal quality with easy peel tabs on every corner.

The Ossid thermo form fill seal packaging machine will save you money while maximizing the productivity of your packaging line.

The Ossid Thermoformer is extremely versatile, catering to your fresh protein packaging needs.