High Performance & Energy Efficient Automatic Tray Sealer– Pack Expo Connects 2020

The ReeEco Automatic Tray Sealer is the perfect intersection between high performance, low power consumption, and a compact footprint. The standard infeed conveyor allowing for up to 3 loading positions, easy tooling changeover, and a user-friendly control panel gives this model a high level of functionality. The ReeEco does not require compressed air. All of Reepack’s automatic tray sealer machines operate using only electricity, excluding any pneumatic support. Ossid is the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand providing all sales and support including parts and service and training.

Recap: Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Ambient Packaging, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), VSP skin on board Ideal for: Case Ready Proteins, Ready Meals, Medical and Dental Kitting, and more!

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