Flexible and Compact Reepack Thermoformer – Pack Expo Connects 2020

The Reepack ReeForm Series of thermoforming packaging machines offer a wide range of options to meet specific customer applications. From standard entry-level to flexible and compact models, these high-performance machines can process flexible and rigid film with different thickness for several film widths, forming depths, and cut-off lengths. There’s a ReeForm machine for your application. The machines are stainless steel for efficient sanitation in wash down environments; easy-open frame allows access to all parts of the machine. Ossid is the North American master distributor for the Reepack brand.

Recap: Flexible and Compact, High Performance, Customizable, IP 65 sanitation rating, Vacuum skin pack capable (VSP), Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Ideal for: Case Ready Proteins, Seafood, Ready Meals, Consumer Goods, and more!

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