Seafood Industry

Ossid machines are now certified to package seafood with 10K VSP materials.

Seafood packaging refers to how packers surround or wrap their seafood products with an appropriately material that will protect and help keep the protein fresh. The most used materials are plastic or synthetic films. In general, the products are a variety of fresh, and processed items. With today’s fast paced environment, and a society that wants fresh and ready-to-eat products, we see a growing demand in both. With this demand at an all-time high, packaging companies are striving to help their packaging customers with the ever-increasing demand. Customers are looking for safe, reliable, fast, and efficient packaging, and all these are the factors driving the demand. Additionally, the rising income level of individuals in developing countries is increasing their purchasing power which is also expected to be impact positively on the market.

Seafood companies are now looking to continue to remain competitive as there are always increasing cost, which is always a concern that this may hamper the growth of the market. Ossid, an industry-leading manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, provides leak-proof tray sealing for case-ready proteins to flexible packaging for the seafood market. Ossid’s packaging solutions are also ideal for fresh and processed meats, convenience foods, consumer goods, and medical devices. Ossid manufactures industry-leading tray overwrappers and sealers, weigh/price-labeling equipment, case scales, and horizontal thermoform fill seal machinery for companies of all sizes.

Now certified to package with 10K VSP materials.

The Ossid ReeForm E40 theromoformer, operates at speeds between 5 and 10 cycles per minute, midrange for the series. It has been certified and approved for use with Sealed Air 10K VSP materials, which makes this the ideal machine to use in seafood packaging. The end result of using this process is leakproof packaging and the ability to contain the moisture within the product. The Ossid ReeForm E40 conforms to IP 65 washdown standards, and these machines are easy to operate, boasting fast changeover – less than 30 minutes.

This family of thermoformers includes production reporting capabilities and the option for secure remote diagnostics. Ossid customers benefit from a single point of contact for printers, labelers, product feeders/loaders, fillers, pre-heat stations, prototyping services, package development, and an excellent parts and service team, dedicated to providing preventative maintenance and need consumables quickly and with limited fuss.

Material Considerations for the Seafood Industry

Material selection is dependent on a variety of factors including, but not limited to type of product, anticipated shelf life, shipping method and duration, package style format, and type of equipment used. An Ossid sales representative can help you determine which package format would be most suitable for your needs.

Films – PVC (or similar) or 10K for overwrap, 10K VSP (or similar) or Barrier lidding for tray seal, wide variety for HFFS, vacuum/shrink bags for vacuum chamber

Trays – Polystyrene, Plastic, Cardboard

Ossid Equipment Ideal for the Seafood Industry