Employee Spotlight Series- John on the Benefits of American Design

In this episode, we introduce John Wind, Industrial Scale & labeling Product Line Manager.

At Ossid, our mission goes beyond just sales; Learn about how Ossid’s products are proudly designed right here in North Carolina, as well as how that allows greater flexibility in meeting the customer’s needs.

Video Transcript:

One thing that is unique about Ossid is that the machine you see behind me is completely designed mechanically, electrically, and from a software standpoint, here in the Rocky Mount facility. All our engineering staff is here in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, which gives the customer the ability to request changes and we can respond very quickly to changes. Also because we manufacture all of the hardware you see behind us, we are still supporting equipment that has been out in the field for over 20 years. We manufacture equipment with the pieces, the metal pieces, pieces that can be replaced easily.