Weigh Price Labelers

Ossid weigh price labelers offer the most flexible, accurate and simple weigh price labeling experience to date when it comes to high speed continuous motion weight labeling. The modular weigh label machines are built on open architecture software and are able to run up to 160 packages per minute.

By pairing the Ossid Weigh Price Labeler and Case Scale, this block cheese processor increases their line efficiencies.

Ossid’s 1500 Series of Weigh Price Labelers improve the productivity of your line with accurate and flexible label placement in high speed continuous motion. Ideal for weighing, pricing and labeling packages from 12" to 20" in length, the 1500 series is ideal for all your products - from small to medium to large.

When you need quality wrapping and labeling solutions, this equipment is designed to operate easy and improve productivity.

Ossid’s weigh price labelers are designed to weigh, price, and label a wide range of cheese packages at speeds up to 120 packages per minute.

Ossid weigh price labelers incorporate high speed and flexibility in each labeling experience.