Ossid NextGen 2115 Weigh Price Labeler (WPL): Siemens and Ossid

Find more information on the Ossid NextGen WPL 2115 Weigh Price Labeler (WPL).

The Ossid NextGen Weigh Price Labeler (WPL) has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Modularized assembly allows for short lead and delivery time. The open frame design allows for ease of maintenance.

The NextGen WPL features all new control system, designed with the latest technology. The hybrid control system combines machine controls and system software into one processing unit, allowing for faster weighing, processing, and labeling times, which means more packages per minute. Ossid’s Next Generation Weigh Price Labeler (WPL) incorporates the latest NTEP approved load cell and measurement electronic technology.

Ossid’s been in business for approximately 40-plus years. We started out as a service company, grew into a machine manufacturer, and today we currently manufacture three different product lines: overwrap, horizontal, and industrial scales.

With this new machine right here, we were looking to design from the ground up a replacement for our existing weigh price labeling machine. We were looking to reduce the amount of controls for speed and flexibility. So, the system uses the Siemens ET200 I/O and Siemens Soft PLC running on a Siemens industrial PC. The benefits of this technology give us a very tight integration between the PC and the PLC.

The machine operator interface and data management are all handled with the Windows IoT platform, which talks directly to the PLC to allow control of everything from conveyors to print application. Siemens helps deliver our promise to the customer with reliability and higher speed. With this technology, we've been able to reduce our overall control package by 60 percent from what we did previously.