Reepack ReeMatic 250 Tray Sealer & Ossid NextGen Weigh Price Labeler (WPL) Machine Line Walkthrough

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Robert McLaughlin, Ossid Regional Sales Manager, walks through the Reepack ReeMatic 250 automatic tray sealer, which has been paired with the Ossid NextGen WPL machine.

The Ossid NextGen Weigh Price Labeler (WPL) has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Modularized assembly allows for short lead and delivery time. The open frame design allows for ease of maintenance.

Ossid is the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand.

The Rematic 250 is Reepack's mid-sized tray sealer designed for a wide variety of applications. This machine is ideal for a mid-range processor packaging ready meals. For example, we have multiple customers that use this technology for modified atmosphere ready meals, which could be a frozen product. We also do VSP tray seal applications for fish and other high-value add products.

The Rematic 250 has a cycle range from 5 to 14 cycles per minute. In this application, we are pairing the Rematic 250 with our next-gen labeling machine. The labeling machine is capable of handling up to 150 packages per minute with high-speed print and apply application. This machine helps customers succeed because it is an automated format with a continuous flow throughput, enabling them to produce more, faster, and in line with their process, eliminating the need to move products around.