Weigh Price Labeler 1500 Series

Our 1500 Series of Weigh Price Labelers improve the productivity of your line with accurate and flexible label placement in high speed continuous motion. Ideal for weighing, pricing and labeling packages from 12" to 20" in length, the 1500 series is ideal for all your products - from small to medium to large. With three different models we've got a machine to fit your needs.

1500 Series Models:

  • 1500S - Semi-automatic setup machine ideal for companies who will need few to no changeovers. The 1522S can be upgraded to fully automatic setup.
  • 1500A - Fully automatic machine ideal for companies who will make frequent changeovers.
  • 1500P - Fully automatic machine ideal for all poultry companies and their range of packages from 2P to 10x15, as well as whole birds. The 1522P comes standard with a V-Belt conveyor as well as two top printers.

Features & Specs:

Fast - Up to 120 PPM with single print apply and up to 120 PPM with dual print apply (actual speeds will vary based on package size, weight and label size).
Flexible - Run a breadth of product ranges, from flat packages (such as trays) to contoured packages (such as turkeys, hams, etc).
Versatile - Can run both top and bottom labels in a variety of sizes with true type fonts and graphics up to 4" x 5" with standard tamp. Can also run a variety of packages all on the same machine with reliable and repeatable placement time and time again.
Robust - Stainless steel construction means it's tough enough to coexist in harsh washdown environments. Every part was designed to be resistant to constant operation and harsh environments.
Modular - Component units are easy to install, meaning upgrades take minimal time and effort.
Easy to Maintain - Easily change belts, print heads and actuators. Conveyor platforms can easily be removed and replaced without tools.
Data Collection/Analysis - Automatically collects raw data for every package to create real-time reports that can be delivered via email or PDA.
15" Color Touch Screen - Intuitive Windows based user interface allows operators to quickly master the system.
Network Connectivity - Connects to your business systems and allows automatic order processing and tracking, remote user training, off-site maintenance, software upgrades and much more.
Multiple Languages - Interface capable of supporting multiple languages - English and Spanish are standard.
Barcoding - Capable of printing 21 different Bar Code symbologies, including 2D
Precision Labeling - Physical contact finger tamp system ensures accurate label placement on package. Universal design for flat or contoured (rounded) packages. Choice of print engine up to 16 inches (406mm) per second printing. Automatic print height and angle adjustments from 0 to 90 degrees in 1 degree increments.
Checkweigh Capabilities - Can function as a checkweigher with the addition of a simple diverter/kickoff mechanism.

1500 Series Specifications:

  • Weighing Capacity: 15 lb. standard, 30 lb. optional
  • Recommended Maximum Package Length: 16" (406mm)
  • Machine Length: 72"(1828mm), 1522P is 104" (2641mm)
  • Index Conveyor: 22" (558mm)
  • Weigh Conveyor: 22" (558mm)
  • Display: 15" color touch screen, 17" upgrade available
  • Printing Speed: Up to 16" (406mm) per second - 12" (305mm) per second standard
  • Resolution: 12 dot/mm
  • Interface: TCP/IP, RS232, SQL
  • Format Storage: Over 60 GB
  • Operating Temperature: -5 degrees to 40 degrees C
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 VAC., 60 Hz, Isolated line 20 AMP, Single Phase
  • Air Requirements: Pressure Regulator and Filter 0.5 CFM @ 70-90 PSI
  • Label Roll Requirements: Label Roll must have a 3" core

1500 Series Optional Upgrades:

  • 17" touch Screen
  • 30 lb Weighing Capacity Upgrade
  • Top Coupon or Non-Printed Label Applicator
  • Bottom Coupon or Non-Printed Label Applicator
  • C-Label Printer
  • V-Belt Conveyor (20" standard for profile or thermoforms)
  • Inkjet Station
  • 10" Label Stock Kit for Top Labeler
  • Semi-Automatic to Automatic Upgrade Kit
  • Custom Frame, Index Conveyor or Weigh Conveyor
  • Check Weigh Diverter/Kick-Off Mechanism
  • Chaotic Mode Inspection System
  • NEMA 4 Stainless Enclosure Operator Interface
  • Fully Automatic Positioning for Packaging Guide & Top/Bottom Labeler (1522A only)

1500 Series Print Station Configurations:

  • Single Top Print & Apply Station
  • Single Bottom Print & Apply Station
  • Single Top & Bottom Print & Apply Station
  • Multiple Print & Apply Stations (adds 32" to footprint)
  • Up to 9 Printers per Line

1500 Series Aftermarket & Parts:

  • Yearly Remote Maintenance & Upgrade Plan

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Tool

The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) tool keeps equipment running at peak efficiency by acquiring real-time data, increasing throughput, efficiency and safety in simple to complex packaging operations while decreasing costs.