Weigh Price Labeler 1500 Series

Due to its modular design, the 1500 Series of Weigh Price Labelers can be configured to meet your current weighing and labeling requirements. As these requirements change, the 1500 Series can be re-configured to grow with your expanding business, utilizing your initial investment.

Being domestically designed & built, rest assured Ossid will be ahead of the curve, quickly responding to the ever-changing North American marketplace.

One size does not fit all. From an 8 hour/single shift back room operation to a 24/7 production environment, Ossid has the Weigh Price Labeler to fit your needs.

1500 Series Models:

  • Semi-Automatic - Ideal for companies who require few changeovers.
  • Fully Automatic – Perfect for high production environments with frequent changeovers.
  • V-Belt – Total Flexibility, this system can handle trays & round shaped product (i.e. Bagged Whole Birds, Deli Chubs, Melons etc.)

Features & Benefits:

Speed – Throughput up to 100 packages per minute
– From flat packages (trays) to contoured packages (i.e.; Whole Bagged birds, turkey, Deli Chub, Melons etc.), the WPL 1500 series can run them all.
– One machine for all your labeling needs;
Top & Bottom labeling, Label sizes from 1.5” x 1.5” to 4” x 5”, True Type Fonts, Graphics
- Stainless steel construction to handle the harsh production environments of the protein industry.
– Allows upgrades & expansions to existing equipment without losing initial investments.
– Quick change wear items; Belts, Print Heads, Actuators. Quick release conveyors for easy cleaning.
– The heart of a fully implemented WPL installation opens the world of; Central Order Processing & Tracking, Remote Trouble Shooting & Maintenance, Central Product Maintenance.
- Operator interface capable of supporting multiple languages – English & Spanish are standard
– 21 different symbologies at your fingertips, including 2D & QR.

Technical Specifications:


15 lb. x 0.01 – Standard

30 lb. x 0.01 - Optional

Index Conveyor (w x l)

10” x 22” (254mm x 558mm)

Weigh Conveyor (w x l)

10” x 22” (254mm x 558mm)


15” Color Touch - Standard

17” Color Touch - Optional

Max. Package Length

16” (406mm)

Label Applicator

Air Jet

Tamp - Direct Contact, Multi Finger

Print Speed

12” (305mm) / second - Standard

16” (406mm) / second - Optional


8 dot / mm – Standard

12 dot / mm – Optional

Label Roll

10.5” (266mm) Diameter

3” (75mm) core


Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232

Data Interface

SQL Server

Data Storage

≥ 120 GB



120 Vac/60Hz, 1Ø, 20 amp - Isolated


Clean, Dry air – 70 -90 psi @ 0.5cfm


  • 17" Touch Screen
  • Top Coupon or Non-Printed Label Applicator
  • Bottom Coupon or Non-Printed Label Applicator
  • Inkjet Station
  • Chaotic Mode Inspection System
  • 10" Label Stock Kit for Top Labeler
  • Reject Station
  • NEMA 4 Stainless Enclosure Operator Interface
  • Network Connectivity: Connects to your business systems and allows automatic order processing and tracking, software upgrades and much more

Features of Engineered Systems:

  • 30 lb Weighing Capacity
  • V-Belt Conveyor (20" standard for profile or thermoforms)
  • Infeed, Outfeed conveyors and Pack stations