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Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine



Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machinery Integrity Model


Integrity Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine


The Integrity™ Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine is an American made standardized, but customizable, solution ideal for output rates up to 15 cycles per minute. It has the ability to produce a variety of package types including Flexible Packaging, Foil-Foil Packaging, Ambient Packaging, Vacuum Packaging, Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP), Recloseable Packaging and more.

The Integrity machine is ideal for applications up to 15 cycles per minute.  As an American made machine, the Integrity is designed and built for durability and reliability.  The design of the Integrity horizontal form fill seal machine is a hybrid design, with a servo-driven clip chain and pneumatic tooling.  Designed for the most difficult washdown environments, the Integrity is robust and completely modular.

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Features & Specs:

  • Packaging Rates - Ideal for applications up to15 cycles per minute (CPM)
  • American Made - Designed and built in Rocky Mount, NC
  • Superior Sanitation - Designed to meet USDA meat, poultry, dairy, and 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • Quick Changeovers - Easy access to tooling for different product runs and simplified maintenance
  • Machine Interface - An intuitive operator interface with documentation and troubleshooting built-in
  • Hybrid Design - A servo-driven clip chain and pneumatic tooling are standard (complete servo systems are available)
  • Robust - Designed for the most difficult washdown environments
  • Completely Modular - A simple base machine with component upgrades that are easy to install
  • Technical Support - Ethernet connectivity is standard allowing remote user training, software upgrades, maintenance and diagnostics via web browser
  • Standardized Programming - Programmed with PackML industry standards for faster line integration, easier operation and easier maintenance
  • Aftermarket Support - Unmatched parts, service, maintenance and training for your machine

Package Types:

  • Flexible Packaging
  • Foil-Foil Packaging
  • Ambient Packaging
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP)
  • Recloseable Packaging


  • Cycle Time: 4 sec. (15 CPM) max
  • Web Widths: 320mm (12.6"), 355mm (14"), 420mm (16.5"), 459mm (18")
  • Cut-Off (Repeat) Length: 600mm (23.6")
  • Forming (Package) Depth: 89mm (3.5") max
  • Web Mandrel: 76mm (3")
  • Working Height: 875mm (34.4")
  • Overall Height: 1686mm (66.4")
  • Working Width: 881mm (34.7")
  • Overall Width: 1302mm (51.3")
  • Overall Length: 5823mm (229.3") (1600mm loading)
  • Electrical Requirements: 240-480 V; 3 Phase; 50/60 Hz; 50 amp

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