Thermoform Packaging Solutions: Flexible Films, Semi-Rigid Films, Shrink Films, Medical Films

Thermoforming involves the process of heating film to form a pocket to hold the product. The pocket is then sealed to another layer of film to enclose the product which can be vacuum sealed, vacuum skinned, or gas flushed (MAP). Ossid offers a wide variety of thermoform package formats to suit your product needs:

  • Flexible films are ideal for deli meats, hot dogs, sliced cheese, and more
  • Semi rigid films are ideal for fresh proteins, seafood, produce, and more
  • Shrink films are ideal for cheese blocks, roasts, other proteins and more
  • Medical films are ideal for swabs, syringes, dental kits and more

Package Benefits:

  • Easily customized to suit product needs
  • Wide variety of printing/branding options
  • Provide a smaller package footprint at retail in comparison to rigid trays
  • Can cost up to 15% less than other packaging formats

Consumer Benefits:

  • Freezer ready
  • Leak proof
  • Takes up less space
  • Easy open option
  • Resealable option
Thermoform Application Main Ossid
Ground Beef in Flex-Flex Thermoform

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