500E Leak Resistant Overwrappers

Ossid provides tray overwrapping machines for a wide range of industries. The NextGen 500E leak resistant overwrap packaging equipment consistently produces tightly wrapped, end sealed, case ready packages at speeds up to 60 packages per minute. Part of the tray overwrapping equipment from Ossid, the 500e leak resistant overwrapper uses 41% less film than standard overwrappers. This machine is efficient, flexible, and leak proof.

This machine was built based on customer feedback and is ideal for diverse industries, including:

  • Fresh poultry
  • Seafood

Learn more about the 500E leak resistant tray overwrapping machine by browsing these videos.

Experience the Ossid NextGen500E Tray Overwrapper in 3D.

The 500E is the first packaging machine to pay for itself by using up to 41% less film than standard overwrap packaging machines.

As the industry standard for leak proof packaging equipment, the Ossid NextGen500E is the ideal tray overwrapping solution for fresh seafood