Rotary Motion Flow Wrapper ReeFlow 50 Machine Walkthrough

Discover what makes the Reepack ReeFlow 50 the perfect entry-level flow wrapper for your packaging needs.

The ReeFlow series of flow wrappers are ideal for fresh produce, bakery items, sandwiches, school kits, large cuts of fresh protein, medical devices, and more!

Ossid is the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand, providing all sales, service, parts, and support.

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The ReeFlow 50 is an entry-level flow wrapper that is supported by Ossid here in the US. I call it a hybrid entry-level machine. It is fully stainless steel, with an offset chain so the product falls into the belly pans. The belly pans are easy to open. The machine has motorized film unwind, which makes it easy to handle the most difficult films and run at higher speeds. The jaws have dual spring tension on each side, allowing you to deal with thinner to thicker films at higher speeds.

The ReeFlow 50 is a very versatile machine. You have the ability to wrap sandwiches, school kits, brownies, medical devices, and more. The sky's the limit with this machine because it's so versatile. With this machine, you have the capability of wrapping a product from 15 pieces per minute up to 180 pieces per minute. That's special in this market because, for the most part, entry-level machines max out at about 120 pieces per minute. But because of the design principles, manufacturing, servos, and bearings that they use, they're able to maximize the speed at 180 pieces per minute on this flow wrapper.