Vacuum Skin on Board

Product Packaging Featuring Flat Cardboard Backing with Vacuum Skin Film

Vacuum skin on board is a new style of packaging that features a flat cardboard backing with a protruding vacuum skin film sealed over the product. The backing provides rigid support, while the vacuum skin film contours to the product, sealing to the board to keep moisture in and air out.

This package style is ideal for fresh proteins, seafood, cheese and more.

Package Benefits:

  • Uses 70-80% less plastic than a standard #3 tray
  • Extended shelf life
  • Wide variety of printing/branding options
  • Ability to merchandise vertical or on pegboard

Consumer Benefits:

  • Freezer ready
  • Leak proof
  • Easy open option
Main VSP on Board Pic Ossid
Steak on VSP Board

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