Reepack ReeMaster 400 Tray Sealer Machine Overview

Learn More About the ReeMaster Series.

The ReeMaster Series are fully automatic tray sealing systems designed to meet the production needs of medium to high size processors. Machines are available in a wide range of sizes depending on output needs and tray formatting. Speeds range from 8-45 cycles per minute, depending on tray and film materials, tray size, product, package format, and general machine configuration.

These machines are a robust, affordable solution designed for sealing/lidding trays, cups, and rounds and/or vacuum skin pack applications.

The in-line design allows 360° access to all machine components and tooling, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. Stainless steel washdown construction provides the highest level of sanitization. These machines feature a compact frame and small footprint.

The ReeMaster 400 from Reepack is a great step up for customers looking to increase their automation in their tray sealing lines. The Remaster 400 allows you to do MAP (modified atmosphere), VSP (vacuum skin package), straight lid applications, and Pro Skin.

The ReeMaster 400 is aimed at protein customers, poultry processors, and anyone interested in increasing automation in their tray sealing lines. It has a quick tooling changeover and a hygienic design in stainless steel, making it durable in multiple environments. It also has a very intuitive HMI that's easy for operators to use.

Reepack offers a variety of tray sealing lines, and the ReeMaster 400 is perfect for small to medium customers. We also offer other ReeMaster lines for customers that want to increase their throughput. Here at Ossid, with our partnership and cooperation with Reepack, we are the North American support staff that will be with you for years to come with your tray sealer.