For the First Time, Ossid Will Bring its New OEE Tool to Pack Expo

Sep 12, 2013

Rocky Mount, NC — Ossid, powered by ProMach, will demonstrate for the first time at Pack Expo, September 23-25 in Las Vegas, an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software tool for the company’s Windows® based weigh-price labelers and in-motion case-weight scales. The tool collects and displays data on the availability, performance, and quality of the Ossid machines and also monitors the status of integrated equipment upstream and downstream of the Ossid technology. This real-time data can lead to corrective actions that improve efficiency and bottom line results. (Ossid Booth C-2417)

“The more data you have that is accessible in a wide range of graphical presentations, the easier it is to identify points of weakness within the process,” said Mike Alyounes, Product Manager, Ossid. “With corrective action based on accurate information, production numbers go up, downtime is reduced, and the packaging process becomes more profitable.”

The OEE tool, which is being sold as a software option, continuously logs data to automatically generate reports about the three major OEE parameters – availability, performance, and quality.

  • Availability – equipment failures or process failures that stop planned production
  • Performance – substandard materials or operator inefficiencies that cause operations to be at less than the maximum possible speeds
  • Quality – produced pieces that do not meet either production plant or customer quality standards and require rework

When analyzing, the data personnel can determine which parameter is affecting OEE the most – availability, performance, or quality. Visual aids such as graphs and filters are used in presenting the data to different levels within the organization. After the sources of inefficiencies are identified, the packaging team can focus on remedies for failure points and bottlenecks.

Ossid developed this software tool to enable customers to obtain the utmost from the company’s equipment in each unique environment where that equipment operates. As conditions on the packaging line change, the OEE tool will help ensure that any new and emerging issues effecting availability, performance, and quality are uncovered.

For more information on the new OEE optional tool for Ossid Windows® based weigh-price labelers and in-motion case-weight scales, stop by the Ossid Pack Expo booth C-2417. To learn more about the company’s full line of high speed packaging equipment, including weigh-price labelers, overwrappers, horizontal form-fill-seal machines, and in-motion case-weight scales, contact the Ossid sales department at 1-800-334-8369 or visit

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