Tray Overwrap

End-Seal and Tuck & Fold Style Film Tray Wrapping Solutions

Ossid offers two styles of tray overwrap solutions:

  • End-seal style film wraps around the entire tray, seals to itself along the bottom and two short ends of the tray. End-seal film is ideal for high moisture products such as fresh poultry or seafood.
  • Tuck and Fold style film wraps around the entire tray and adheres to itself, with the application of heat. Tuck and Fold film is ideal for produce, low moisture proteins, and more.

Package Benefits:

  • Gives consumers fresh store wrapped package feel
  • End seal package allows for high quality printing on top and bottom of package
  • Cost effective package style
  • Option to add weigh price labeler

Customer Benefits:

  • Fresh store-wrapped package feel
  • Leak resistant
Tray Overwrap Application Main Ossid
Bell Peppers in Tuck and Fold Overwrap

Ossid is the North American leader in tray packaging equipment for case-ready products. Our tray wrapping equipment infuses speed and precision with each application.