Ossid specializes in tray overwrapping, flow wrapping, weigh price labeling, case scales, and horizontal thermoform fill and seal machinery.

Working at high speeds, these packaging solutions are ideal for a variety of industries, including fresh and processed meats, medical devices, consumer goods, and more. From tray sealing and vacuum skin packaging equipment to vacuum chamber packaging equipment and labeling systems, Ossid machinery is flexible to meet the unique demands of diverse product applications.

Featuring high speeds, ease of use and maintenance, and consistent accuracy, these pack systems are designed and built to protect product quality and meet customers’ production needs.

Browse through these packaging solutions to learn more about Ossid wrapping, labeling, filling and sealing, and weighing systems.

Horizontal form fill seal equipment for food, medical devices, and more. Our horizontal form fill seal machine ensures efficient and reliable packaging. It is ideal for various applications and offers exceptional performance for all your horizontal form fill and seal needs.

Ossid’s tray wrapping equipment infuses speed and precision with each application.

Ossid offers an extensive line of tray sealing equipment, perfect for MAP and VSP packaging applications.

Ossid offers a complete line of automatic flow wrapping equipment capable of MAP packaging.

Reepack's vacuum chamber packaging machine line includes single chamber, double chamber, and belted models.

Accurate and flexible label placement in high speed continuous motion.

Case scales for any type of facility - from distribution centers to poultry processors.