New Generation of Weigh Price Labelers Empowers the Packager

A new generation of weigh price labeling machine not only performs weighing, pricing and labeling easier, faster, and more reliably than ever before, these machine also collect real time data on packaging line productivity, throughput, and status of customer orders. Industrial PCs, database technology, high speed connectivity, and the location of weigh price labelers at the end of production lines have transformed this stand-alone machine into a strategic data acquisition asset for the enterprise.

Because information flows to and from new generation weigh price labeling machines, up-to-the-second customer requests for price changes can be downloaded. This helps to make the packager more responsive, as well as giving the organization a competitive advantage. These new generation machine share common characteristics, including:

  • Open architecture operation system
  • Off-the-shelf Industrial PCs and PLCs
  • Flexible operation
  • Modularity
  • Rugged construction
  • Competitive price

Open architecture

There are a number of important reasons new generation weigh price labeling machines feature the open architecture Windows operating system and off-the-shelf components such as industrial PCs and PLCs. Open architecture does away with proprietary controllers and firmware, which are difficult and costly to maintain and offer no migration path. Plant operators, maintenance, and IT personnel are familiar with the open architecture and off-the-shelf components technology, generating greater productivity and higher throughput. Open in its truest sense allows the packager to purchase software and hardware at globally competitive prices.

The new generation weigh price label machine is a hybrid of industrial PC-base operator interface and PLC control. The industrial PC should come standard with a structured query language (SQL) database. This is the key component for ensuring that vital information is easily accessible to management. Wired or wireless high speed Ethernet connectivity makes uploading real time data practical.

Connectivity also means that the machine's manufacturer will be able to remotely diagnose problems, provide custom programming, and offer training to operators new to the machine. Any weigh price labeling machine that does not offer these and similar connectivity benefits cannot be considered the latest generation technology.

At the machine level, advance operator interface strategy in new generation machine reduces menu complexity to an absolute minimum number of "on screen" selection. This helps to reduce the potential for error while speeding up and simplifying operation.

Chaotic mode emphasizes the flexibility of new generation machines

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