Seafood Packaging

Ossid serves the seafood packaging industry with tray overwrapping and lidding, vacuum skin packaging, horizontal form fill seal and weigh price labeling.

Seafood packaging refers to how packers surround or wrap their seafood products with an appropriate material that will protect and help keep the protein fresh. The most used materials are plastic or synthetic films. In general, the products are a variety of fresh, and processed items. With today’s fast paced environment, and a society that wants fresh and ready-to-eat products, we see a growing demand in both. With this demand at an all-time high, packaging companies are striving to help their packaging customers with the ever-increasing demand. Customers are looking for safe, reliable, fast, and efficient packaging, and all these are the factors driving the demand.

Ossid is the North American leader in tray packaging equipment for case-ready products.

All your products need quality packaging. Tray packaging and tray sealing machines from Ossid are the perfect solution. With high speeds, tight wrapping, and efficiencies in materials, this equipment offers a variety of benefits for your production line.

Whether you are in need of a small run testing prior to new product launch, or you routinely produce packaging as part of a large scale processing operation, we have machines available that will specifically fit your needs.

Ossid Leak Resistant Overwrapper NextGen500E Packaging Salmon

The NextGen500E Overwrapping Stretch Shrink Wrapper is the industry leader in standard overwrapping machinery and leak proof packaging equipment, with 1,000+ installations worldwide supporting the poultry and seafood industries

The Next Generation 500E machine was built based on customer feedback. Ossid’s NextGen500E can easily package a wide range of tray types and sizes and uses 5-10% less film than non-gripper chain systems. Left and right hand machines are available to fit the needs of your processing setup. Preventive maintenance alerts and real-time production data are also available. The NextGen500E has a small footprint and is ideal for space-constrained environments. This machine consistently produces tightly wrapped, end sealed, case ready packages at speeds up to 60 packages per minute.

Salmon Filet Angle
Vacuum Skin Pack (VSP) Tray Salmon Filet - Reepack Tray Sealers

Reepack ReeMatic Automatic Tray Sealer Packaging Seafood, Protein, and Cheese on Cardboard

Ossid is the North American master distributor of the Reepack brand providing all sales and support including parts and service and training.

The ReeMatic 150 Automatic Tray Sealer has a multi-lane tray loading conveyor customizable from 1 to 6 tracks. The ReeMatic 250 Automatic Tray Sealer has a multi-lane tray loading conveyor customizable from 1 to 4 tracks. The tray transport system is driven by pusher rods guiding the trays down the line in a step by step movement, leading onto the defined die-set position.

Driven motors and electrical die-set vertical motion makes for fast and efficient packaging output.

Vacuum skin on board is a new style of packaging that features a flat cardboard backing with a protruding vacuum skin film sealed over the product. The backing provides rigid support, while the vacuum skin film contours to the product, sealing to the board to keep moisture in and air out.

This package style is ideal for fresh proteins, seafood, cheese and more.

Material Considerations for Seafood Packaging

Material selection is dependent on a variety of factors including, but not limited to type of product, anticipated shelf life, shipping method and duration, package style format, and type of equipment used. An Ossid sales representative can help you determine which package format would be most suitable for your needs.

Films – PVC (or similar) or 10K for overwrap, 10K VSP (or similar) or Barrier lidding for tray seal, wide variety for HFFS, vacuum/shrink bags for vacuum chamber

Trays – Polystyrene, Plastic, Cardboard

Ossid Equipment Ideal for Seafood Packaging

Ossid is the industry leader for leak-resistant tray sealing for case-ready products, flexible packaging for healthcare, horizontal thermoform, fill and seal equipment, weigh/price labeling equipment and case scales. Catering to customers of all sizes around the world, Ossid’s packaging solutions are ideal for fresh and processed meats, produce, convenience foods, consumer goods, and medical devices. Ossid is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Flexibles & Trays business line, Ossid helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package.