Ossid offers the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) measurement tool software for both new and existing 1500 series of weigh price labelers and CS100 In Motion case scales.  The OEE tool assists manufacturers in maintaining peak equipment efficiency by acquiring real-time production data. Analyzing and reporting data helps in increasing the throughput and efficiency in simple to complex packaging operations while decreasing costs.

The OEE tool acquires real-time production data for the purpose of analysis and reporting.  This automated equipment logs data to automatically generate reports about the three major OEE parameters: availability, performance, and quality.  Effective data can boost production at an incredible rate.

The OEE tool is designed to improve production rates.  The performance on this tool measures substandard materials or operator inefficiencies that cause operations to be at less than the maximum possible speeds as well as measuring produced pieces that do not meet either production plant or customer quality standards.  Find ways to keep your product efficient and effective with each application.  This equipment ensures that your production room saves in every aspect of manufacturing.