Water Recirculation System for Overwrappers

For years, Ossid overwrappers have helped improve the sustainability of a packaging line by minimizing consumption of shrink film. Today Ossid overwrappers continue to contribute to sustainability by minimizing water usage. Every packaging line with an Ossid case-ready tray overwrapper can conserve an average of 375,000 gallons of water per year by adding the low-cost Ossid water recirculation system.  This system significantly reduces the water footprint of a packaging line and should pay for itself in less than a year.  Plants running multiple overwrappers during multiple shifts can easily save the cost of millions of gallons of water entering and leaving the plant.

The Ossid water recirculation system can cool case-ready overwrappers with as little as one gallon of water per day and automatically replenishes evaporated water as needed. This system requires minimal maintenance and can be ordered with new overwrappers or as a retrofit to existing machines. For more information on the water recirculation system for overwrappers call 800-334-8369 or email us at parts@ossid.com.