Medical Device Packaging

Meeting stringent requirements and providing innovative packaging solutions, Ossid’s medical device machines are precise, versatile, and dependable.

Ossid is the leading manufacturer of high speed packaging and labeling equipment, including tray overwrappers and sealers, weigh price labelers, case scales, and horizontal form fill seal machines. Working with customers in the medical industry, Ossid provides sterile, safe, and effective packaging solutions. Ossid medical device packaging machines are built in accordance with the AMI sanitary principles.

The medical machines available offer high speeds, with output rates of up to 30 cycles per minute. Features on these machines include an auto web aligner, hinged upper tooling, static eliminator, and servo actuated presses. Offering multiple stations for efficient and reliable output, these machines are ideal for packaging medical products, ranging from syringes to needles and more.

8000 Medical

The 8000 Series Thermoform fill and seal machines are designed to meet unique medical device needs. There’s nothing standard about medical devices. Ossid understands the unique and complicated requirements of the medical industry and strives to meet those needs with precision and safety at the forefront of the design. That’s why Ossid’s line of horizontal thermoform fill and seal machines is versatile to fit your specialized needs, no matter the specifications.

Features on the 8000 Series include stainless steel construction, Allen Bradley control systems, SMC Pneumatics, intuitive operator interface, and more. By eliminating pre-form trays and creating unique solutions, Ossid is able to save customers in the medical industry time, money, and warehouse space.

8000 - FFS Medical Device

As American made machines, the horizontal form fill seal systems can produce a wide range of package types—flexible packaging, foil-foil packaging, ambient packaging, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and recloseable packaging. Used in the medical industry, the 8000S is uniquely created to meet the diverse and broad range of equipment packaging needs.

Allowing customers to eliminate pre-formed trays and form raised return flange seal packages that provide optimal seal quality with an easy peel tab on every corner, the 8000 Series machines can be used for emergency room equipment.

8000M - Medical Device Packaging

Featuring production proven technology and Ossid’s robust machine construction, the 8000 is highly reliable for packaging unique products like syringes. This machine is ideal for medium to high production output rates up to 30 cycles per minute. It can be used for dental kits, medical devices, emergency room kits, and more.

Ossid’s newest machines in the 8000 Series provide thermoform fill seal packaging machines areat competitive pricing and are American made. Built from the ground up, this Ossid system is designed for thermoforming and sealing, featuring a continuous formed-web clamping and conveying system, a servo motion-controlled web conveying drive, a waterproof electrical control cabinet, and electrical-interlocked guards for operator protection.

Ideal for use in the medical industry, the 8000 and FP Series machines meet the unique medical device packaging requirements in a sanitary and safe manner.

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Material Considerations for Medical Device Packaging

Material selection is dependent on a variety of factors including, but not limited to type of product, anticipated shelf life, shipping method and duration, package style format, and type of equipment used. An Ossid sales representative can help you determine which package format would be most suitable for your needs.

Films – foil, paper, Tyvek, wide variety of plastic films, etc.

Ossid Equipment Ideal for Medical Device Packaging