Pork packaging industry
Tray overwrap pork

Ossid works with a wide range of industries to ensure their products are packaged and sealed with precision according to stringent safety standards. Working with manufacturers in the pork industry, Ossid is able to create unique solutions, ranging from tray overwrapping to tray sealing solutions.

Manufacturing high speed packaging and labeling equipment, Ossid provides the pork industry with tray overwrappers and sealers, case scales, weight price labelers, and horizontal form fill seal machines. With experience in the food industry, it’s vital that tray sealers and wrapping systems are sterile and clean for each use. To meet the needs of the pork industry, Ossid has a variety of machines available.

The ReeForm Series is a thermoforming packaging machines available in multiples sizes and performance models. This series is designed for ease of sanitation in wash down environments. To create ease of access and use, the ReeForm Series features maximum productivity, an open frame to check, adjust, and repair all parts, stainless steel construction, vacuum skin pack (VSP) capabilities, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and more.

When packaging pork products, having a secure seal is crucial.

Tray overwrapping and sealing is a process that requires strict sanitation standards, efficiency, and precision. Designed for case ready pork products, Ossid has designed a line of tray overwrappers and tray sealers. The 500Si stretch wrapper is a cost effective overwrapper designed to package pork products using less film without sacrificing quality and durability. This machine uses gripper chain technology to produce tightly wrapped packages at speeds up to 120 trays per minute. Features on the 500Si include high speeds, versatility, ease of maintenance, quick changeover, servo driven technology, and much more.

One of the benefits is the vacuum skin pack (VSP) and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) capabilities. These features produce long shelf life for case ready pork. Designed to meet production requirements, these sealers are high quality, meet sanitation standards, and maximize production.

Material Considerations for Pork Packaging

Material selection is dependent on a variety of factors including, but not limited to type of product, anticipated shelf life, shipping method and duration, package style format, and type of equipment used. An Ossid sales representative can help you determine which package format would be most suitable for your needs.

Films – PVC (or similar) for overwrap, Barrier lidding or VSP for tray seal, wide variety for HFFS, vacuum/ shrink bags for vacuum chamber

Trays – Polystyrene, Plastic, Cardboard

Ossid Equipment Ideal for Pork Packaging