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Tray Packaging Equipment

Ossid is the North American leader in tray packaging equipment for case ready products. Our line of tray overwrappers, high speed tray packaging, and tray sealers are perfect for any type of case ready packaging need.

It doesn't matter the type of case ready product you're trying to find a solution for - Ossid can handle it. When your products need quality packaging, the tray packaging machines are the perfect solution.  With high speeds, tight wrapping, and efficiencies in materials, this equipment offers a variety of benefits for your production room.  Features on this machine include ease of operation, PVC stretch film capabilities, stainless steel construction, and servo driven technology. 

Running at speeds up to 120 trays per minute, the tray packaging equipment from Ossid infuses speed and precision with each application.  Ideal for space-constrained environments this machinery conserved in every possible way.  Get the tray packaging equipment and experience reduced labor costs and time efficiencies.

  • Hot Water Tunnel 500 HWT

    Hot Water Tunnel 500 HWT

    The 500 HWT Hot Water Tunnel provides hot water shrink to maximize package integrity.

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  • Tray Sealer OTS-32

    Tray Sealer OTS-32

    The Ossid OTS-32 machine was designed for growing markets requiring a robust, affordable solution for tray sealing and vacuum skin pack applications.

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  • Table Top Tray Sealer OTS-10

    Table Top Tray Sealer OTS-10

    The Ossid OTS-10 table top tray sealing machine was created for small to medium size companies and/or large companies in a laboratory setting.

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  • Intermittent Motion Leak Resistant Overwrapper 500im

    Intermittent Motion Leak Resistant Overwrapper 500im

    The 500im produces tightly wrapped case ready packages at speeds up to 40 trays per minute.

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  • High Speed Stretch Overwrapper 500Si

    High Speed Stretch Overwrapper 500Si

    The Ossid 500Si runs at speeds up to 120 packages per minute.

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  • Leak Resistant Overwrapper 500E

    Leak Resistant Overwrapper 500E

    The Ossid 500E overwrapper uses 36-41% less film than standard overwrappers

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  • Leak Proof Overwrapper 750E

    Leak Proof Overwrapper 750E

    The 750E overwrapper hermetically seals for a leak proof package

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