Horizontal Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine 8000

The 8000 thermoform fill seal machine is an American made high speed solution that is ideal for high production output rates up to 30 cycles per minute. The horizontal form fill seal equipment has the ability to produce a variety of package types including flexible packaging, foil-foil packaging, semi-rigid packaging, rigid packaging, ambient packaging, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere package (MAP), recloseable packaging and more.

The 8000 horizontal form fill seal equipment is built with movable inner frames to accept any web width up to 24 inches (610mm), chosen to maximize the customer's package configuration and to minimize waste.

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  • Features & Specs:

    • American made
    • High production capability - Three axis servo motion controls allows for precision overlapping of web movement, forming press movement, and sealing press movement to maximize package output.
    • Designed and built in accordance with the AMI Sanitary Principles
    • Ability to run various materials
    • Maximum cycle rate of 30 cycles per minute standard, up to 35 cycles per minute for special applications
    • Fully adjustable web widths, with maximum web width of 24"
    • Maximum index length: 24"
    • Zero Trim Adjustable Web Widths - an exclusive clip chain feature that in many cases allows for zero edge trim, and can add up to thousands of dollars of savings in packaging materials every year
    • Trim options include rounded corners, peel flaps, and contour trim
    • State-of-the-art Allen Bradley PLC controls
    • Can accommodate 3" and 6" cores for supply mandrels
    • Easy open tooling system with a compressed air cylinder assisted lifting mechanism allows for quick access to dies for cleaning and maintenance
    • Individual web chain clips means minimal cost and downtime for bent clips
    • Quick change cross cut knives - easy tool-less blade changes to minimize cost and downtime
    • Full web width cross cut system - institutional bulk packages can be sent without wasted film. Cross cut knives cut between the chain clips to allow for "no-scrap" packages
    • Designed for maximum hygiene
    • Total application range
    • Servo driven chain
    • Recloseable Packaging Attachment
    • Servo operated forming and sealing presses
    • Optional higher force forming and sealing presses
    • Opposite hand packaging machine
    • Dual unwind stand with automatic edge guide for bottom web reduces downtime by providing quick web splicing and reduced material waste
    • Special bottom web unwind mandrel for rolls up to 39" in diameter
    • Low noise scrap removal and chopper systems for semi-rigid edge trim removal
    • Stainless steel construction built for use in a washdown environment, performs exceptionally well in any environment
  • Options:

    • Allen Bradley Control Logix for machine controls
    • Allen Bradley color touch screen Panelview 1250+ or Versaview
    • Remote monitoring and diagnostics available
    • Integration and supply of thermal transfer printers, inkjet printers, labelers, etc.
    • Integration and supply of product feeder/loaders, fillers, etc.
    • Integration of outfeed and pack off systems
    • Outfeed extensions to permit use of auxiliary equipment located after sealing station
    • Low web supply warning

    Package Types:

    • Flexible Packaging
    • Foil-Foil Packaging
    • Semi-Rigid Packaging
    • Rigid Packaging
    • Ambient Packaging
    • Vacuum Packaging
    • Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP)
    • Recloseable Packaging

    Package Change Parts:

    • One and two preheat stations using contact heating from one side or both sides
    • One and two preheat stations using non-contact radiant heat
    • Thermoforming around a male plug
    • Thermoforming into a female die with and without plug assist
    • Temperature controlled plug assist
    • Contour trimming using air operated knives
    • Improved air operated cross cut knife
    • Round corner trimming of S/R packages using male-female punch and dies
    • Quick Change feature


    • Length: 318" (with standard loading area and outfeed conveyor)
    • Height: 82"
    • Width: 54"
    • Electrical: 220/230/240V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz standard
    • Loading Area: 8' standard, can be extended in 4' increments

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